First, and most important natural barrier is the same installation process adblocków on your smartphone or tablet.

Their interest rate is 3% per annum which, after one year of regular savings translate into interest in the amount of 77.85 zł.Miejsce third is Busy Bank’s Savings Account (Account holders Maximum). Its interest rate is 2.75% per annum, which will translate into a profit of 71.18 zł.Konto savings? Compare and select whatever najlepszeAngielska cabaret group Monty Python in one of his songs encouraged us to look for the bright side of life. Following their insistence, we can conclude that the market savings accounts is not so bad, because you can still earn them 3 – 4% per annum. In the ointment, however, it is a spoon of tar – so attractive interest rate is usually (though not always the case) reserved for new customers or for customers depositing new funds (the latter should not be an obstacle – after all, a savings account is a good solution for people who want to save regularly ). Customers do not all banks can enjoy an attractive interest rate on funds deposited in the account – a reduction of 0.5 percentage points. “Served up” to its customers, ING Bank Slaski and the savings account of Meritum Bank lowered its interest rate from 2.25% to 1.75% …

What will show us in July? We will see in the next rankings savings accounts Dziennik Gazeta Prawna first reported Tuesday that there are problems with buying in pharmacies preparations for hypertension, thyroid disease, asthma, allergies and diabetes, and also running low on oncology and neurological disorders. The newspaper reported that on Monday the apothecary government sent an open letter to the minister of health. According to the Supreme Chamber of Pharmacists is a problem with nearly half a thousand of medicinal products not available to pacjentów.zobacz also the drug crisis in Poland. Viewing the facts and myths »Karczewski said at a briefing before the meeting of the Senate, that they actually were deficiencies substances in the production of medicines; He stressed that he is in constant contact with the minister of health. “They were in trouble not only in Poland, but also Europe’s troubles, some components that were shipped from China – was a problem with the provision of these components” – said Karczewski. “It is already behind us, at the moment medicines are already supplied to pharmacies and this problem should be solved completely. Distribution should be very fast and efficient (…) drugs in a very short period of time should no longer missing, the problem that caused (no drug) has been eliminated, it is now a question of good, rapid distribution of drugs and the problem should be solved “- said Karczewski.

He reported also that the Ministry of Health introduced a hotline, where patients will be able to obtain information ws. Missing drugs. Senate Speaker pointed out that the drug market is worth 10 billion zł and “was largely controlled by the drug mafias.” “We are fighting to-drug mafias, we already have the first results, but there is still a lot to do and I hope that the drug market in Poland is already normalized very soon” – said Karczewski. The Ministry of Health in a statement sent to PAP argues that the problem of suspension of certain medications on the market, as well as their lack of acting locally is not only Polish, but is a global problem, and also applies to other countries as well europejskich.zobacz: 500 Patients already missing drugs. Local government apothecary writes a letter to the Minister of Health »The Ministry assured that together with the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate (GIF) take measures which result in the resumption of access to these drugs. Indicated that this is the case, among others, in the case of medicine Euthyrox. “The analysis of reports submitted to the Integrated Monitoring System marketing of medicinal products that inventory medicine Euthyrox on 10 July are the manufacturer: 123 351 packaging, warehousing 958 650 packs in pharmacies: 806 257 packages” – informs the Ministry of Health . In addition, to facilitate patient access to information, where you can buy the drug, which is currently lacking in the pharmacy, employees and GIF will NFZ from Monday (July 15) provide information through the Telephone Information Patient, available toll-free number 800 190 590. They will also They informed about the availability of alternative medicines.

In short adblock is software that blocks / deletes ads that appear on web pages. These are the elements visible to the naked eye as banners or pop-ups as well as trackers running in the background. They collect and use data about users and their login. Data collected by trackers can be used to determine which ads to show to users. Such information may also be sold to other companies. A large number of ads on websites is not liked by users, such as mobile.

For the users themselves the most direct impact is adblocków page load time. Assuming that the opening of the ads would take 10-15 seconds, blocking ads can shorten this time to 2-3 seconds. Pages ad-free also does not obscure what we read. Every ad, even small, could result in the user’s “umpteenth” especially on the mobile device. It is not only persistently appearing on pages and banners which can not be shut down on a small screen pop-ups or pop-up windows.

It also increased the number of data downloaded by users and increased battery consumption device. It would seem that adblocki should celebrate the triumphs and be used widely. Meanwhile, the latest report of Deloitte denies this predictions. The company expects that very few mobile devices can be installed adblocki the end of 2016.. There are several reasons. First of all, only a small portion of the 3.4 billion smartphones and tablets in service by the end of 2016 may have a native ad blocking feature built into the operating system. The second issue is the use of smartphones to browse information – Internet users prefer to use non-browser applications. – forecast that Internet users will use mobile devices adblocków less than it is on other devices is associated with two elements.

First, and most important natural barrier is the same installation process adblocków on your smartphone or tablet. In most devices, they are not built into the operating system and install such a device requires the user side to make a little effort and sometimes disruptive changes to the settings. In addition, a lot of content consumed on mobile devices goes to users through applications and adblocki filter unwanted content primarily in search engines – notes Stefan Nowak, Director of Deloitte Digital. See also: How to disable Adblock »Pseudoparametry hardware 4K? »How to make sure that the removal of the file from the cloud is an effective» A new trend in hacking attacks: Measures of marketing, advertising, PR or HR is a threat »Deloitte notes, however, that a repeat of the first wave of huge interest adblockami can ever again. Additionally, advertisers can quickly move your product with browsers applications.

Thus, the internet publisher who base their revenues on advertising, they should notice the threat of blocking ads. Companies should consider how best to allow, for example. Easy payment provided by their content, subscriptions or one-time password. Of course the best without excessive advertising. The more so that as indicated by Deloitte, we can also expect that the number of mobile phone users will implement its own form of ad blocking, simply ignoring mobile websites with an excessive amount of advertising content. So even if adblocki will not be popular, it may be common to resort users of such sites. A Polish for online publishers is already a difficult market. – Poland is among world leaders in terms of percentage blocking of Internet advertising.

The world is doing to 6 percent. Internet users, while in Poland last year 35 per cent. (According to a study PageFair and Adobe, June 2015). Given this popularity we can obviously assume that the Poles will also be interested in blocking content on their smartphones. Which of course puts more and more challenges for advertisers and publishers, above all – adds Stefan Nowak with Deloitte. Declaration of “Forests for Climate”, is the third initiative, which Polish Presidency presented at COP24, after the declaration of ws. Electromobility and just transition.

Ministry spokesman Alexander Brzózka told PAP that the declaration adopted at the moment 60 states, 9 countries refused her signature. Environment Minister Henryk Kowalczyk said during the ceremony of the declaration, that during the negotiations in Katowice talks are on topics related to the change mitigation klimatu.zobacz: COP24: Tank for the transport of heat won the competition for ekostartupów »COP24: Financing and transparency – the biggest challenges negotiations» “part of the solution may and should be forests, and as shown by a special report IPCC, capture and storage of carbon dioxide is part of all paths to achieve the 1.5 degree. We need forest ecosystems to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. We should reduce the size of our emissions, but do not forget about the possibility of increasing their absorption, “- he said. Kowalczyk added that the significant potential of forests in the mitigation of climate change can be increased by implementing the principles of sustainable forest management, where there have not yet been introduced. The minister stressed that throughout the world we are losing too many forest areas, which raises serious concern. “Globally, deforestation is an alarming problem.

Deforestation and fires account for more than 11 percent. global CO2 emissions. We urgently need to take extensive measures to reduce global deforestation and forest degradation “- appealed. Environment Minister reminded that one of the most important articles of the Paris Agreement is Article 5, indicating the countries the way to achieve the objective, which is to achieve a balance between the amount of emissions and their absorption into the second half of the century. “Parties should take action to protect and enhance sinks and reservoirs of greenhouse gases, with emphasis on the role and importance of forests (…) We appeal to all countries and encouraging stakeholders to take such action,” – he stressed. The minister added that in Poland for many years sustainably and multifunctional forest management. He recalled that the State Forests launched a pilot project for carbon forestry farms, which aims to increase the potential of absorbing and storing CO2, among others, by “thickening” of forests. Participating in the event, Deputy Minister of Environment Margaret Golińska estimated that Wednesday’s declaration of a “very clear signal that forests, soils, wetlands, the whole biosystem is an important part of the solution of the global problem of climate change.” “It is ensuring that together we will take action to protect and enhance biodiversity and increase carbon sequestration potential (…) to build a climate-neutral economies and societies” – she noted.

Golińska added that sustainable development is a constitutional norm in Poland. “Poland supports all efforts to strengthen the role that forests play in adaptation and in reducing the impact of emissions on the climate,” – she said. According to Greenpeace proposed by the Polish Presidency of the document is “foggy.” “Stresses in the role of forestry and wood production means that the declaration of forest can easily become lumberjacks declaration. To protect the climate we need to protect forests – is obvious and well that these words fall to the climate summit, which takes place in Poland (…). However, this does not mean success, “- pointed environmentalists. Greenpeace warns that we must not allow it to become a forest declaration for the states dependent on fossil fuels excuse. They add that the Polish forests absorb only 1/10 of our CO2 emissions, even while increasing their surface, will not be able to absorb as many więcej.zobacz Gore appealed to politicians for quick action ws.

Climate »Forests” are not alternatives to reduce emissions from the burning of coal, but its complement. The truly ambitious, awaited by hundreds of millions of people around the world, the climate action plan for a quick decision and just move away from fossil fuels “- summed up. September 1st, the beginning of the school year, with funding buses are excluded commute to transport residents. August 12 provincial governors to local governments may lodge an application for charge calls. According to Bartosz Jakubowski, an expert on transport Club Jagiellonian further expanding the definition of “new line”, which you can obtain funding, it is breakneck. He noted – that interpretations by the courts are important, not the answers to the questions posted on the website of the Ministry.

Chaos legislative Act on the Development Fund of bus public utility (Journal of Laws of 2019. Pos. 1123) draws attention to the vice-president of Economic Advisers Panel TOR Adrian Furgalski. And as the following, the situation will not change, if it is not straight and one bill. – For four years, the resort is not coped with the amendment of the Act on public transport, and suddenly fell in the campaign slogan: save side burns. Written so quickly something on his knee – he said.

This year, a total of use is 300 million zł (up to 1 dollar for one vehicle kilometer, and from 2022 years – 80 gr). Most got Podlaskie: 24.8 million zł, Lublin: 24.2 million zł, Warmia-Masurian: 22.9 million zł, so the eastern part of the country. This effect taken into account in the formula GDP of the province and the allocation of additional resources from the entire pool of the poorest regions. The least will fall provinces: Opole – 11.6 million zł, Lebus – 13, 2 million zł, the Lodz – 15.6 million zł, of Pomerania – 15, 8 million zł and Małopolska – 16.1 million zł. Other province receive: West – 17.9 million zł and Bydgoszcz – 18.5 million zł, BC – 18.3 million zł, podkarpackie – 19.6 million zł, BC – 19.7 million zł, Greater – 19 8 million zł, Lower Silesia – 20.2 million zł, Świętokrzyskie – 21.5 million zł.

Adrian Furgalski estimates that at the stage of preparation of improved regulation in the right direction. – Initially, the count had only three criteria: size, population and planned transport work – notes. Still missing, however, according to the expert population density criterion, because the smaller, the higher the cost and shortage of transport, as well as the criterion of local government tax revenue per capita. As noted, without this aid will also receive local governments where public transport is implemented even without subsidies at a satisfactory level and allocate them on a pretty good improvement and so the status quo or a reduction in ticket prices. – The poorest can continue to stay with nothing – says Furgalski. Doubts also apply to agreements by local governments with information about the operators without a tender, which should occur a year in advance.

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